The O

For a 7-week assignment on Visualization and Project Communication, the goal was to design an MP3-player and associated brand identity from a keyword. My keyword was ‘soft’. No display was allowed and the only control interface allowed was buttons.

The O's visual identity

logo for The O'


With it’s sharp colors and functional design, O’ is designed for young people on the go.

Time spent untangling earphones is time you could’ve spent listening to music or catching the bus. That’s why O’ has a groove in it’s side to manage the headphones cable.

The O

Comes in different colors

O’ is as tall as an iPhone, and less than 2,5″ in diameter, so that it fits in even the smallest pocket.

All buttons are uniquely shaped, so it’s always easy to navigate your music even when you’re not looking at them. In contrast to the soft theme, the buttons icons are made sharp and raised from the surface of the button, further enhancing the users ability to distinguish the buttons from each other.

That’s why O’ is not just elegant to look at – it’s elegant in use.

The O in context

Size impression