I worked as an interaction designer for two years at kollision, an award-winning Danish design studio specialising in interactive communication, interaction design, dynamic media architecture and citizen participation. I developed a number of concepts and pitches for competitions and designed exhibitions, websites and prototypes. I have selected a couple of public projects to feature:

Salling Lights

I developed the concept and pitch for what eventually became Salling Lights, an interactive media façade on Aarhus’ most iconic department store, located in the heart of the city. The family behind the department store has always had a special relationship with the city, and the installation is a way for the department store to communicate with the citizens. It’s not a place for advertisements, but a place where the city’s pulse can be visualised.


A team consisting of kollision, SustainableEnergy (SE) and local partners in Mali, Burkina Faso, Kenya, and Mozambique has worked together on creating the project YouthBaton – Youth Takes the Baton for a Green Future. The project engages young people from the four countries in activities and campaigns related to climate change and experiments with using social media to exchange ideas and inspire each other across the four countries.


To enable the use of social media we identified the need for designing and developing a social media strategy, and a dashboard for SE and local CBOs to monitor social media activity, and identify successes within the project. This required us to shape the campaign structure and provide tools for the young people to document their activities, in dialogue with SE.

Volunteers from different CBOs in the four African countries will cooperate across borders, raising awareness on how to avoid climate change through campaigns.

I was responsible for designing and developing the dashboard and helped design the social media campaign.