Active Learning

For a project on Active Learning, I explored the idea of enabling kids to learn about geometry through the body and movement.

To immerse myself in the context of early grade math learning, I visited a nearby school to monitor a math lesson. What I observed was unmotivated kids longing to move. There was a high point though, when the kids were asked to collectively answer the teachers questions by contributing with ideas for answering it.

Bored kid

Kid struggling to stay awake during math lesson

Together with my university coach, I started studying kinesthetic learning, the idea of learning through your body, just like you can learn by sight through visualization.


My university coach was a dancer artist and movement researcher

Uncomfortable kid

Kid longing to move but required to be on chair


Kid exploring how to rotate a square

There were beautiful moments of kids reflecting on geometry, like when I asked them to make a circle and they kept coming together to make the shape rounder and rounder. Eventually they gave up though, because as a girl said:

"no matter how many edges we add, it will never be perfectly round."


When exploring more complex shapes, the learning becomes social